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Author Topic: Kill la Kill Fanfic Part 3 by theflyingperson65  (Read 2795 times)

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Written by me and my friend. Hope you enjoy!!!!

 Satsuki Kiriyuin sat on the throne in her tower, draped in a bath robe and drinking some tea. She was trying to hold back the feelings of humiliation she'd felt after being forced to climax by Ryuko Matoi. Her navel was subjected to several things: toothbrushes, tongues, fingers, and other things. Her navel was sore, from the intensity at which her rival had ravaged it. Through the fuzzy bathrobe, she fingered her navel, trying to ease the stinging sensation. As it vanished, Satsuki couldn't deny that it felt good. It was like there was a connecting her clit and her navel, and every time she poked it, the vibrations would carry down to her nether regions and give her a pleasurable sensation. She put her cup down, and slumped back into her throne. She quickly lost herself, closing her eyes and sort of drifting off to sleep.
     She was soon awoken by a familiar voice. "Lady Satsuki, you awake? Helloooo, Earth to Satsuki..." She felt a hand on her shoulder as the person trying to wake her started shaking her. Satsuki started coming to, and realized that the one shaking her was her childhood friend Nonon. The pink haired drum major of the Elite Four was desperately trying to get her mistress awake. "Nonon?" Satsuki yawned, attempting to strech her arms out, but found that she couldn't move them. She groaned, looking over to see that her arms were bound above her head and her bathrobe was undone, showing all her saucy bits to the girl in front of her. Her eyes widened, and she panicked a bit, as this was the second time something like this had happened to her.
    "Jakuzare! What is this?" Satsuki said in her normal powerful tone. "Oh, y'know, just stopping by," The young lady said, sitting on Satsuki's lap and snuggling with her. "Get off of me, you're heavy!" Satsuki struggles, but to no avail. "Jakuzare, what have you done?!?" Satsuki is mildly livid now, but she keeps her cool. "I heard Matoi playing with you from the next room over, and I just got a little jealous of the new girl getting to have her way with your delicious little bellybutton," Nonon said seductively, trailing her finger around Satsuki's exposed navel. Satsuki's eyes widened, as she realized she was going to be subjected to the same torture again.
    "Nonon, get off! NOW!" Satsuki was desperately trying to escape, which was very unlike her. "Oh, calm down Lady Satsuki, I'll be gentle," Nonon calmly replied and gave Satsuki a hickey, and then started licking down her body, sucking on her superior's stiff nipples on the journey south. Satsuki tried to keep a straight face, keeping her resolve firm and her abs firmer. While she was flexing her abs, Nonon dragged her tongue over each one, before she arrived at Lady Satsuki's tight lil innie. Satsuki bit her lip and tried to keep the cold look on her face from fading. Nonon looked up at her Student Council President with a smirk, as if she was saying, "You know you like it." Satsuki just glared at her, trying to hide the pleasure she was getting from this.
    "Not gonna break, huh?" Nonon said, sticking her tongue deeper into Satsuki's bellybutton. "Try as you may... you will not break... mmmme..." Satsuki tried to keep in her moans, but one slipped past. Nonon's eyes got a little bigger, as she knew she was getting just a little closer to breaking Satsuki. "So you are enjoying it!" Nonon giggled a little, "However I think you need an extra push." With that, Jakuzare pulled out her drum major's mace, tickling Satsuki's bellybutton with the little tassels on the end of the mace. Satsuki giggled a little, as she was starting to break down and give in to Nonon's perverted game. Satsuki breathed heavily, trying to regain the little composure she had lost. "Coochie coochie cooo!" Nonon teased, cackling with sadistic glee.
    "I... won't give in!" Satsuki tensed up in an attempt to resist Nonon's tickling. "Oh really?" Nonon glared at her with a sly grin on her face. "Well let's see how well you can resist this!" The drum major flipped her mace over, and placed the ball end of it near Satsuki's navel. She twisted something near the back, causing the pink mace to vibrate. This sent a shock to Satsuki's system, as the vibrations were too much for her, and she broke. "Oooohhh.... Mmmm," She moaned, trying to get back into serious mode but couldn't. She was too far gone.
    "Does it feel good, Lady Satsuki? Are you finally ready to have some fun?" Nonon began rubbing her own breast while rubbing the vibrating mace into her friend's navel. Satsuki was moaning louder, her eyes wide open and tears running down her face from the humiliation of being reduced to Nonon's toy. "Are you ready for some real fun?" Nonon asked, and then proceeded to stick her tongue in while pushing the vibrator against her navel. Satsuki begins to sweat and drool, and she grinds her booty into her throne. Her body writhes and she moves her hips back and forth as if she's belly-dancing.
    "Oooh, dance for me," Nonon giggles maliciously, pressing a button on her mace, which made it play Sing Sing Sing. ([link]) Satsuki's body moved to the beat as Nonon loving tongue fucked her tummy button. As much as Satsuki was disgusted with her enjoyment, she did have to admit to herself that if felt good. However, if the navel play were on her terms, then she would have gotten more of a kick out of it. Her body continued to shake from the vibrators and Nonon's sharp tongue penetrating the depths of her umbilical scar, still perfectly in time with the music the mace was playing. The drum major's body moved as well, with her right hand out, keeping time for some imaginary band.
    By now, the student council president's navel was overflowing with Jakuzare's saliva and her own sweat. Satsuki began to shiver as she felt a draft, causing her teeth to chatter a little. Nonon picked up on this, stopping for second to wipe some saliva from her lip. "Aww, is milady a little chilly," she coos, nuzzling her face in the bound woman's breasts. This gave Satsuki a moment to breathe, although the vibrations were still present in her umbilicus. Nonon then noticed the tea on the armrest of the throne, which had gotten cold since Satsuki left it out, but was still hot, though not enough to burn someone.
    "Maybe this'll help warm your pretty little body up," Nonon hissed, moving the mace down to the girl's lower lips, and pouring the tea into Satsuki's navel cavity. The tea sloshed around as it made contact with the girl's icy skin. "Ahh..." Satsuki moaned, her body shivering at the presence of an increased temperature entering the orifice that adorned her stomach. Nonon wrapped her lips around Satsuki's bellybutton and slurped the tea out.
    "Mmm, chamomile," Nonon licks her lips and giggles, "You have good taste, milady." Nonon pours some more in and slurps it out, making Satsuki moan loudly. She's getting closer and closer to an orgasm, which Nonon quickly picks up on. "Y'know, I think it's about time you came for me, Lady Satsuki!" Nonon proclaims as she shoves her right middle and ring fingers inside of Satsuki's lower lips. Satsuki threw her head back and inhaled sharply through her teeth. "Ahh... please Nonon, stop!" Satsuki shook her hips as she tried to get the drum major out of her loins, but this only made Nonon push her fingers in deeper, wiggling them around and pumping them in and out, which was accompanied by lewd noises.
    "Ja-Jakuzare! Plehese, I beg you! Make it stop!" Satsuki bit her lip, pulling at the bonds and trying to break free. "You're gonna squirt for me, whether you like it or not!" Nonon followed up by licking Satsuki's navel as well. She also sucked on the girl's bellybutton, even going as far as to pull it out and lick it's core. This was too much for Satsuki, and she finally released her juices all over Nonon's hands.
    "That's a good girl," Nonon said, patting Satsuki on the belly. She then felt a hand on her head, which made her eyes shoot open. Satsuki must have broken free of her bondage when she orgasmed. She looked up and saw the president with a veeeery pissed off look on her face. "Uhh... No hard feelings, right?" Nonon had a scared look on her face and a nervous chuckle. "Oh, I'd be more scared if I were you," Satsuki pushed Nonon to the floor, putting her foot on the girl's chest. Four cuffs sprouted from the floor, bonding the drum major in the spread eagle position.
    Satsuki started to unbutton the uniform Nonon was wearing, throwing it off to the side, and revealing Jakuzare's underwear, which was purple and covered in musical notes. "L-listen, I'm sorry! I promise I'll never do it again!" Nonon pleaded, pulling at the cuffs binding her to the floor. "I believe it's too late for that, Jakuzare. Now accept your punishment!" Satsuki started spider tickling Nonon's sides, making the pink haired drum major giggle and wiggle in an attempt to shake her superior off. "Sahahahatsukihihihihi, stohohohohohohohop!!" Nonon says over her laughs, which get louder as Satsuki moves from her sides to her tummy.
    Nonon howled with laughter as Satsuki dug her fingernails into her sensitive tummy flesh. "You think you can just toy with MY body like I'm some plaything? DO YOU!?!?!" Satsuki blows a raspberry into Nonon's navel, causing the pink haired girl to shriek. "Honnouji Academy is MY domain! How DARE you do this to me, Jakuzare!" Satsuki then begins licking her navel, causing Nonon to push her abdomen up into the icy skinned woman's tongue.
    "PLEHEHEHEHEHEAHAHEEHEHEHESEEEHEHEEE!!! IHIHIHIHIHI'M SOHOHOHOHORYYYEHEHEHEE!!!" Nonon pleads with her mistress, but to no avail, as Satsuki is extremely mad. "Satsuki Kiriyuin will not allow anyone to violate her!!! AFTER TODAY, NOBODY ELSE SHALL TRESPASS ON THE TEMPLE THAT IS MY BODY!!!"
    "Golly gee, that's awfully ironic considering your relationship with your mother, Lady Satsuki!" A cute voice said, making Satsuki's eyes go wide with fear. She nervously turned her head around, only to see a woman in a pink dress with two very large and curly braids sitting on her throne. "Nui Harime..." Satsuki said, shocked but still keeping her controlled tone, "What brings you to my academy?"
    "Oh, I'm just dropping by to check in on you!" Nui giggled, "And to join in your little game!" Satsuki raised one of her caterpillar eyebrows, "How did you know about... this?" Nui just gave a cute little grin and tilted her head to the side. "It's being televised all over Honnouji!" Satsuki couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Televised... all over..." She was completely dumbfounded by this revelation.
    "Yeah, I was hoping that you wouldn't find that out," Nonon timidly spoke up, prompting Satsuki to turn her rage towards her. She tried to voice her anger, but there were no words that could express how livid she was. Instead she just blew a huge raspberry into Nonon's bellybutton, blowing repeatedly to make it seem like it was never ending. Nonon shrieked with laughter, her screams so high pitched that it could break glass. Tears were streaming down the girl's face, which was beet red from the lack of air she was receiving. 
    "How did you even manage to film us?" Satsuki questioned, "I don't see a camera in here at all!" The student council president was now jamming her finger into the drum major's tummy hole. "INAMUHUHUHUHUHUTAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! HEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEE'S CLOHOHOHOHOHOAHAHAHAKED!!!!"  Satsuki just managed to get even more pissed by this revelation, increasing her speed ten-fold. "I'm glad he's showing this to everyone, so they know not to oppose the will of Satsuki Kiriyuin!" While Satsuki was viciously torturing Nonon, she had forgotten all about her little visitor. Satsuki was so furious she didn't even realize that Nui had joined in with her, spider tickling Jakuzare's ribs.
    "Wow, she's so adorable!" Nui giggled with a cute smile on her face. Satsuki finally broke out of her focus and looked up at Nui, who was sitting across from her on Nonon's chest. "Stay out of this!" Satsuki went to push Nui off of her subordinate, but Nui quickly dodged her, getting in behind Satsuki and wrapping her arms around her abdomen and falling back. Satsuki struggled, but couldn't break free. "Let go of me, Harime!" Satsuki commanded, but Nui just ignored her, and started to finger her bellybutton. Satsuki continued with her attempts to break free of Nui's iron hold, even if the navel play was making it harder for her. She moaned involuntarily, the feeling of Nui's fake nail scratching her button core, slowly dragging it back and forth and sending pleasurable sensations to her clitoris. "Stop... Harime...Ahhh...." Satsuki wiggled her body, both in pleasure and attempting to escape. She bit her upper lip, and her face flushed crimson, embarrassed that everyone could see her being toyed with by the adorably sinister seamstress.
    "Are you enjoying yourself, Lady Satsuki?" Satsuki heard a voice from above her, and saw Nui standing over her, smiling. "What? How are you in two places at once!?!?" Nui just giggled and cocked her head to the side. "I can make lil' doppelgangers with some cloth," Nui pulled out some cloth and threw it into the air, "Mon Mignon Pret a Porter!" She shouted, and three exact copies of the Grand Couturier surrounded the Student Council President. Satsuki just growled, then moaned when the Nui under her stuck a wet finger in her navel. "Aww, you're so cute when you moan like that!" The girl chuckled, kneeling down and dragging her finger up Satsuki's side, tracing around her right breast and then circling her nipple. Nonon's mace was still playing music, and was now playing New York New York ([link]).
    "Oh! I love this song!" Nui said with an excited tone, getting on top of Satsuki and burying her face in her belly. Soon, Lady Satsuki felt a tongue enter her navel, swirling around and causing saliva to build up and overflow, dripping down her sides. The whole time, she was bobbing her head left and right to the beat of the song. Her clones were also singing along with it, and were also touching all of her other saucy bits while the original tongue fucked her navel. Satsuki gritted her teeth and clenched her fists, her back arching up into Nui's warm, slimy tongue. "Mmmm... I... Oh...." Satsuki tried to protest against the navel play, but for some reason was actually satisfied with it. For once, it actually felt good. Soon, she felt the doppelgangers licking her nipples, as well as one underneath of the original eating her out.
    Satsuki was scratching the floor and rocking her head from side to side, the sensation was too much. However, she was far away from coming. "Y'know, I think it's time I stepped up my game," Nui smiled, getting up and letting her clones lick and suck on Satsuki's tight body. She removed her dress, revealing that she was not wearing any underwear. She then walked over to Satsuki's head, crouching over her and getting into a 69 position. "Why don't you give me a nice little lickin' while I work on you," Nui asked politely, shaking her hips back and forth. Satsuki, who was too turned on to refuse, plunged her tongue up into Nui's tight innie bellybutton. Nui moaned a little, and then proceeded to suck on her navel. The harder Satsuki stuck her tongue in Nui's bellybutton, the harder Nui sucked. Soon, Nui had sucked out Satsuki's navel entirely, which caused her to giggle. "Wow, I didn't know your bellybutton was capable of doing that!" The seamstress joked, and proceeded to tie out her bellybutton with a piece of thread. Nui glided her tongue across the ball of flesh, immensely turning Satsuki on.
    Soon, one of Nui's doppelgangers moved down from her breast to lick the outie along with the original Nui. The feeling of two tongues caressing her tied out navel was driving her ever so closer to her climax. "Ah... Yes, keep, mmm... keep going..." Satsuki was whispering sweet nothings into the Grand Couturier's tight little navel hole. "You like that!?!?" Nui was getting really into the navel pleasure, and more and more of her clones began to join in on the navel licking, with about five or six tongues coating her tongue at once. "Ooooooh.... Oh yes..." Satsuki kept pushing her tongue in and out, in and out, harder and harder, making Nui's long and sexy moans longer and longer.
    "Mmmm... drat it! Time for a full scale orgy!!!" Nui sprang up cheerily like a jack in the box, and threw a bunch of pieces of cloth in the air, "Mon Mingon Pret a Porter!!!" she gleefully exclaimed, and soon a bunch of Nui's sprang up, all butt naked. They all jumped on each other, savagely licking their navels. Pretty soon the room was full of Nui's doppelgangers, all pleasuring each other's bellybuttons. Some were fingering and tickling one another's tummy buttons, some were licking and sucking, some were 69-ing and some were set up in akward four and five at a time navel licking squares and pentagons. They were moaning loudly and giggling, with loud slurping and smacking noises filling the room, drowning out the music.
    In the center of it all, Satsuki and the original Nui were still going at it, vigorously plunging their tongues into the depths of their stomach holes, making lewd squishing noises with each thrust. "Tell ya what, Lady Satsuki," Nui piped up in between thrusts, "How about we make a bet. Whoever comes first has to be the other person's navel slave for a week!" Satsuki just smirked at this offer. "The fact that you think you can make me come so easily is amusing. Very well, I accept." Nui beamed with excitement, "Oh goodie! Now I can play for real!" Nui said, and stuck her fingers deep in the girl's clit. Satsuki's face contorted into a mix of pleasure, surprise, and anger. "If that's how you wish to play, then so be it!!!!" Satsuki managed to get her right arm free, and jammed her fingers into Nui's throbbing, moist pussy, making the Grand Couturier's eyes go wide. "Grrr.... I won't let you win that easily!" Nui said, a little mad but still in her cute tone of voice.
    The doppelganger under Satsuki soon let go, getting out from under her. With her other arm free, Satsuki wrapped her arm around Nui's waist and rammed her tongue all the way to the bottem, making Nui jump a little. However, the clone who was under her the whole time drifted over to her groin, and started to lick her there. With Nui and her clone eating her out, it was a little harder for Satsuki to hold off her climax. She fingered the seamstress harder, and licked the untouched and unknown depths of her tummy pit. Nui was also getting dangerously close to coming, so she called in a few clones to help. Soon, Satsuki had four tongues in her navel, and three were invading her womanhood. This proved to be too much for Satsuki, but she was somehow able to resist.
    "I... will not... I won't... I WON'T COM- OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH drat!!!!!" She was cut off when her body shook vigorously as she climaxed. The Nui clones all started to disappear, leaving only the original, Satsuki, and a still chained up and neglected Nonon alone. Of course Inumuta was still cloaked somewhere, but he passed out from the extreme sexiness that was unfolding before him, and came prematurely about half-way through the doppelganger bellybutton orgy.
    "YAY!!! I WIN!!!" Nui jumped around clapping. "Looks like you're gonna be my bellybutton drat toy for a week, Lady Satsuki!" Satsuki just laid there limply, struggling to stay awake. "You... you cheated..." Satsuki whispered before passing out. "I never said anything about rules, you silly goose!" Nui taunted, picking up the girl to take back to REVOCS. "What about me!?!?!?" Nonon yelled, still chained to the floor, "Aren't you gonna untie me?"
    Nui simply walked over to her, and unchained her. Nonon slowly picked herself up off the floor, stretching. "Thanks I gue-" She was cut off by Nui bonking her on the head with her parasol. "Yay!! Looks like I have two bellybutton slaves now!!!" Nui giggled, picking Nonon up off the floor.

    Ryuko Matoi sat on the couch, exhausted from jilling off to the broadcast, her panties soaked. "Wow.... I don't think I've ever came that hard before..." She said to herself, out of breath. "It looks like Satsuki's going to be absent for a week," Senketsu, her uniform, said to her. "Yeah, there's gonna be a power vacuum. And I'm gonna fill it!" A devious grin spread across her face, and she chucked under her breath. "Get ready, Honnouji Academy. You're about to have a new queen."   
    "Also, would you mind cleaning me off first?" Senketsu nagged, "Your juices feel disgusting and sticky." Ryuko just rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up," she replied snarkily, "You enjoy watching me masturbate." She then proceeded to rub her sticky vulva through the skirt. "Not when you're wearing me!!" Senketsu shouted. "Ugh, sometimes I wish you didnt talk..." Ryuko groaned.


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Re: Kill la Kill Fanfic Part 3 by theflyingperson65
Reply #1 January 09, 2017, 09:11:30 AM
Yo what happened to that deviant art group you and poopy lead?
Also any hope for a kill LA kill or love live fix?


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Re: Kill la Kill Fanfic Part 3 by theflyingperson65
Reply #2 January 12, 2017, 10:18:24 PM
Yo what happened to that deviant art group you and poopy lead?
Also any hope for a kill LA kill or love live fix?
Which one?

There's two, and I'm pretty sure both are still up.


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Re: Kill la Kill Fanfic Part 3 by theflyingperson65
Reply #4 January 18, 2017, 09:51:03 PM
I think it was deleted in favor of navel-fetishists.

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