Top 10 things to do before hitting the gym

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If you are one of those persons that until now had a hectic life style and the words health and fitness didn’t had place into their daily life schedule, than its time to make the decision and change your life, because health is a thing that can come and go very easily.
So, if you will decide that you want improve the health levels of your body and also mind, than you should know that we are on your side and we support you in this decision, and as a hand of help we’ve created a list with 10 of the most important things that you should know before hitting the gym and start training.

1. Consult your doctor

Before doing any type of physical activity make sure to consult your doctor in order to see if your health status allows you to exercise. You don’t want to start exercising and later on to find out that you have worsened a health condition that you didn’t knew you had.

2. Set an objective

A very important thing that you have to do before going to the gym is to set yourself an objective, because going to the gym without knowing why you are in there will lead to failure. You will find yourself in a situation similar to a boat without paddles that is floating on the ocean in the hope that the ocean will take it to land.

3. Set your diet plan

Now if you  have your objective set you can go further and set your diet plan, namely to go to a nutritionist or a personal trainer and ask him to give you a diet according to your body type and objective that you have set.

4. Join a good training program

To succeed with your goals make sure to also get a good training program, especially one from a personal trainer, and this mainly because he knows what program will work better for you. Choosing a random program from the internet won’t be such a good decision, because you can lose a lot of time until you will find one that will suit you, but also because it can ruin your metabolism.

5. Don’t overdo cardio

One big mistake which gym beginners do is to hop on the treadmill and leave it after 1 hour, which on the long term will take the metabolism to the ground. Don’t let those 8-10 lbs that you will lose in a short period of time, ruin your entire weight loss process.

6. Don’t be scared to use weights

Use weights in your trainings, it can help you increase the size of your lean muscles and the density of the bones. Having a muscular body will increase the metabolism, will help you get rid of many aches and pains in the body and will increase your self confidence, thing which money can’t buy.

7. Avoid training at machines

Having a training program that is based mostly on the use of machines to exercise can be detrimental for your body. In time you will develop many muscles imbalances, which will lead to joint pains, back pains, tight muscles and many other negative effects.

8. Exercise with proper form

Make sure that if you don’t know the proper form of an exercise to ask someone that is advised, or to do some research on the internet about that specific exercise, because doing it with bad form can make you prone to many types of injuries.

9. Give yourself time

The first 2 weeks of your gym membership do light training sessions and get accustomed with the gym and its equipment. Don’t rush and train hard from the first day, because your body will not be adapted to that kind of effort, and you will be prone to get an injury or to be sore for 3-4 days.

10. Supplements

Make sure to get supplements if you need them, but don’t buy them if your nutritionist or personal trainer didn’t advised you too. Many people buy supplements in the hope that they will provide magic results, but in the end the only thing that they will provide will be empty pockets.

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