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One Man’s Favorite Lady Navels of All Time – Part II

Hello and welcome to round two of one guy’s love for female navels, specifically, the second half of my top ten list of favorite belly buttons of all time. Rather than delay the inevitable, I figured I would just jump right into the list proper, so let’s take a look at the other five members of my overall list, starting with…

Kaley Cuoco

Ah, one of the women who has been on my celebrity crushes list the longest, way back when Kaley was in a very old show that, while flawed, I still enjoyed: Charmed. I still remember watching that show and seeing Kaley’s character Billy, a character wasn’t always written the best, but she wasn’t the worst character around, in my mind. It’s probably the only show I really know her from, because if I’m being honest, I’m not the biggest fan of her most popular one nowadays, The Big Bang Theory. But, I digress: I really like Kaley.

What makes Kaley stand out is the fact that she’s proven herself to be a strong person, able to bounce back from all the things life has thrown her way in recent years. From breakups to the scandal caused by her photos being shared online, she’s been able to keep her head high the whole time, and I believe that’s a testament to her strength as a person. She’s more than a pretty face; she’s someone who can stay strong no matter what, I find that laudable.


And of course, there’s the other reason she’s on this list: her rocking bod. Whether she’s got her signature long hair or she’s rocking the pixie cut, Kaley’s a charming, lovely woman, with bright eyes and an equally bright smile that work hand-in-hand with her warm, goofy personality. What’s more, she takes darn good care of herself, which we can see any time she decides to show some skin off—which is actually pretty frequently!

Kaley’s got a nice, lean stomach with the makings of abs plainly visible, showing what could be if she decided to jump into the fitness game. But whether she does or not, her stomach is undeniably good-looking, and topping it off is her t-shaped navel. Her belly button is quite similar to Miley’s, with a noticeable pattern that anyone can see, and a slightly pronounced upper lip, the kind that would go great with a piercing if she were ever so inclined. The design is the coolest part, but as a whole, it’s quite the eyecatcher, enough for any navel enthusiast to appreciate whenever she decides to bare her well-defined stomach.

Suffice to say, Kaley’s still going strong and going out all in her life, showing that you don’t have to let bad press or bad luck influence you as a person and the way you operate. She’s been able to power through a lot of hurdles, which not only says a lot about her as a person, but it also gives a lot as a solid role model for other people to take after. You don’t have to be Sheldon Cooper to see it, or to believe it.

Michelle Rodriguez

If ever there was an actress who I would’ve cast in the role of Wonder Woman before Gal Gadot, this is the woman whom I would have without a shadow of a doubt. Granted, I’m probably biased, because Michelle Rodriguez is one of my favorite actresses of all time, but it’s hard not to like her when she’s a living, breathing badass action woman—both in the roles she does super well in and based just on her looks and the way she carries herself. Suffice to say, Michelle, for me, is practically an amazon woman, in all the best of ways.

I first saw Michelle Rodriguez in The Fast and the Furious film franchise, where she played tough-as-nails racer Letty, the love interest to Vin Diesel’s character Dominic Toretto. And, yeah, I won’t lie, I really liked her character; I loved the actiony woman who could keep up with the boys, and both her look and overall demeanor gave her a cool factor that I rooted for. I’m glad she wound up returning to the series, even though I haven’t yet had a chance to see the most recent two films. I also enjoyed seeing in her Machete alongside Danny Trejo, where, again, she played the badass action woman. I think that’s why I subscribe to the belief that she would make a kickass hero, either for DC or—my bigger preference—for Marvel.

And of course, she’s on the list not only for that, but because of her fantastic stomach. The woman has put a lot of work into her fitness and it shows rather prominently with that gorgeous six pack she’s rocking, and smack in the middle is her adorable navel. The shape alone really compliments the well-sculpted quality of her stomach, and the coolest part is that it’s open enough to see all the little details inside. It creates this interesting contrast of cute on top of hardcore awesome, and yet, the two elements—button and belly—blend together perfectly, like something you would see in statue or sculpture form hundreds of years ago.

Regardless, with her abs and belly button, and her kickass energy, Michelle is the kind of woman I hope can inspire people and show that being tough isn’t just a male thing. She’s on the other side of the diversity spectrum, the perfect counterpart to the curvaceous beauty of Ashley Graham. Both represent my hopes for a growing change in body acceptance in the world, and both rock in their own way. Here’s to hoping Michelle will get that superhero role someday, because she’s got the attitude and she’s got the bod, now she just needs the recognition.

Margot Robbie

I think at this point, Margot Robbie has become synonymous with Harley Quinn for a lot of people, myself included even though I didn’t see the movie Suicide Squad. A lot of this was for personal reasons and just general disinterest, but those I’ve talked to who did see it, and nearly every review I watched or read, all said the same thing: she was one of the best parts of the movie, and one of the best characters. And given the fact it’s the first time in forever that there was a live action version of Harley Quinn, one of the most complex and fascinating characters in the Batman mythos, I can only express my joy at knowing this, even if the rest of the movie didn’t do too well.

Margot has been doing pretty well for herself in the career department, I’d say. Being Harley Quinn is a big deal for a lot of comic fans, she played Jane Foster in the live-action version of Tarzan, and she’s even playing the role of Tonya Harding in a soon-to-be-screened film I, Tonya, and she’s also started producing films, like an upcoming flick that she’ll be starring in called Terminal. Her film career is young and she’s spreading her wings into other genres, so I see great things for her in her future as she continues to act and branch out.

Margot is, quite honestly, toward the top of my list—even though there are no numbers—because, if I’m being honest, she has one of the best stomachs and one of my favorite belly buttons of all time on any woman. In fact, I dare say she’s my third favorite overall, and the reason is quite simple. One, I love her stomach; it has a nice, soft quality to it, and her navel is strikingly deep-looking. And as someone with a thing for deeper navels, of course this is ultimately incredibly appealing for me, along with many others like me. There’s something about it that matches the rest of her physique so well, and it’s rather striking when seen in the right kind of light, too.

This Aussie actress is making waves and taking names while she goes, and I for one am going to be rooting for her. I think she’s stunning, and with a great personality—bubbly and cheerful, and I can’t lie and say the accent isn’t amazing—and I will be keeping an eye on the films she stars in and produces in the future. And as a big fan of Batman, I am thrilled to finally have someone to envision as the best representation of Harley Quinn for the future, since a real Harley has been long overdue.

Kanako Urai, A.K.A., WWE’s Asuka

The first and, for now, only wrestler on my list is none other than one of the best female wrestlers in WWE’s NXT: Asuka. Currently the longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion with over 400 days under her—literal—belt, to say Asuka is a badass would be a vast understatement. Granted, that she is a badass goes without saying, and though my wrestling fan days are over, whenever I do tune in, I am never displeased by what I see. She brings a level of intensity and energy into the women’s division that sadly seems to be hit-or-miss on the main roster, and while I have hopes to see her on the main roster someday, I fear when that comes, she’ll be underutilized, just like all the other ladies. A sad, sad reality in the WWE.

Still, it’s best to look at the facts, and the fact is: Asuka is awesome. She brings to the table her identity as a highly skilled Japanese wrestler, finally giving WWE a strong female Asian performer that they—as of yet—haven’t ruined like they did with poor Gail Kim in the past. And she’s got pretty much everything: energy, a cool fighting style, great theme music, a fun and unique look, and she looks damn good in the ring. The best part, in my opinion, is that she isn’t some supermodel, either. She’s beautiful without having to rely on that ridiculous trope, and she carries herself like she knows it, too.

And, I will be honest, Asuka holds the rank of my number two favorite lady navel of all time, even more than any other female wrestler on NXT or WWE or any other wrestling promotion. Her soft-yet-toned physique is amazing, and like with Margot, she has a very deep-looking belly button, the perfect eyecatcher sitting snugly in the center of her smooth stomach. Once again, it creates this wonderful contrast; a cute navel in the center of a badass woman’s stomach. Somehow, it works, and it’s obvious she’s got no qualms with showing it off.

Asuka’s got a great thing going on NXT. Will she ever be brought onto the main roster? Probably. Will she be given a good push and allowed to continue fighting the way she fights? That’s the big question for fans of WWE and NXT. I’m not much of one these days, but I don’t know. Still, she’s doing well now, so at the very least, I’m still rooting her on from the sides.

Ariel Winter

The final member of the list, at least as far as my favorite navels of all time, would happen to go to the woman currently holding the number one spot in my book: Ariel Winter. She’s the youngest at only nineteen, but I look at it as her having a big career ahead of her, since she’s already proven her acting chops in shows like Modern Family, and she’s also been going out of her way in recent times to further the image of body positivity and body diversity, same as the likes of Ashley Graham.

If I’m being honest, Ariel is just plain adorable. She’s got a great smile, and she just exudes this energy that screams ‘cute’ at the top of its lungs. But she’s also got the air of a confident person, the kind of gal who can carry herself and believes that she is awesome without rubbing it in anyone’s face. What’s more, I feel like she’s a great form of inspiration for the younger generation, especially for girls growing up who can look to her as a symbol that you don’t have to be thin to be considered attractive; a little extra cushion is nothing to be ashamed of.

But yes, Ariel has one of my favorite celebrity navels. Combined with her softer physique, it’s kind of a standout, because it, much like Asuka’s and Margot’s, is deeper-looking in appearance, the type of innie that catches my attention the most. And really, there’s just something about how it adds a level of charm and more to the adorable factor that Ariel’s tummy brings to the table, which at this point is basically adding more sprinkles onto something already very sweet.

I know that she’s likely going to go through her own image changes as she gets older and broadens her horizons as an actor or whatever else she decides to do with her life, but the sky’s the limit, and I think, given her success in what she’s done so far, and given the strong image she’s got now, that she’ll do well regardless of what she winds up doing. I can only wish her the best as a fan, and like with all these other wonderful women, root for her with each new door she opens, and each new path she takes in life.

And there we go.

Ten different women, ten different tummies, ten different navels. All of them are unique and eye-catching in their own way, and I find each one to be beautiful both inside and out. They’re strong, they’re confident, and at least for this guy, they’re the ten greatest navel ladies around.


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Michelle Rodriguez and Margot Robbie have very beautiful belly buttons, indicative of good health (a Finnish university study showed that the appearance of the belly button may play a role in assessing potential partners precisely because of that).

I specialise in chi nei tsang abdominal massage therapy and one of the key indicators of internal balance is a perfectly round navel with a flat base. Both Michelle and Margot have great symmetry without any pulls or distortions, relatively rare for most celebrities whose belly buttons usually indicate internal tensions surrounding the abdominal organs.

Margot’s belly button especially has gorgeous form: perfectly round, good depth but also very open.

Maybe work on putting together the opposite. Most Unattractive Female Navels. I know Kelly Ripa’s Outtie should make the list for sure. I’ve seen a few others out there the size of 1/2 a ping pong ball. See what you can do.

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