Top 10 reasons why people turn vegan

It seems like people are going vegan more and more these days. The reasons vary and there isn’t one that is better than the other. With a societal shift towards environmentalism and healthy lifestyles, it seems that new people are going vegan each day.

Definition: vegans – people who do not eat or use animal products.

1.) Because they want to take it easy on their hearts
Avoiding the cholesterol and fat of meat and cheese does wonders for the body. Vegan diets are not devoid of fats but most of them come from healthy sources like nuts and avocados.

2.) Because the food is fantastic
Fresh produce and creative dishes are now the norm and vegans are enjoying tasting flavors that often never grazed their plates before.

3.) Because people don’t want to hurt animals anymore
People are coming to terms with the fact that the stone age is over. There is no need to hunt for survival and the options at the grocery store indicate that eating animals really isn’t that necessary anymore. People love their dogs and cats and are realizing that pigs and cows really aren’t all that different.

4.) Because people want to make a difference
Veganism saves lives and is helpful to the environment. People want to make small and positive actions with their daily choices that will collectively make a difference.

5.) Because vegans can eat dessert without feeling so guilty
OK, it may be a bit of a stretch but it is certainly a benefit of going vegan. The desserts are delicious and they usually substitute fatty egg and milk ingredients for bananas, avocados and plant milks. They can have their dessert and eat it too!

6.) Because they care about the environment
Factory farms destroy land by overgrazing and polluting. People are beginning to care more about environmental matters these days and veganism is an environmentally friendly lifestyle choice.

7.) Because they are tired of dieting
The diet industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and it is always confusing consumers on what to do to lose weight. People on a healthy vegan diet tend to shed weight and keep it off without the back and forth of dieting.

8.) Because they started to seek out education
Whether by accident or on purpose, many fell upon books, documentaries, scientific studies or real life examples and started to understand the benefits of veganism for health and the environment. Once the information entered their minds, they couldn’t forget it.

9.) Because they won’t miss out
Once they realized how creative vegan food can be, they felt assured they would not miss out on all of their favorite foods. From vegan apple pies and burgers to milkshakes and pizza, vegans never have to feel left out.

10.) Because it makes them happy
The idea of living a life where they can eat healthy delicious foods, help the animals and the planet and still have the occasional ice cream sundae is enough to make most people feel pretty good.

By Shannon.

Picture credit: Denna Jones

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