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5 action films you’ve missed

Are you one of those people who enjoys watching a good film? Do you hate the fact that there simply aren’t enough films of good quality coming out anymore? If the answer is yes then I have some very good news for you!

There are hundreds of amazing movies that you’ll enjoy the hell out of that you probably never even knew existed especial for those in the newer generations! I myself may never have heard of a lot of them if I hadn’t done my research and I decided to share my findings with all of you! This way, you are each spared the burden of homework!

For the first installment I will be discussing 5 films from everyone’s favorite genre: Action, though a few may spill into other genres.

The Wild Bunch

5 action films you've missed - wildbunch
The Wild Bunch (1969)

“If they move, kill em!” – Sam Peckinpah was one of those misunderstood directors who was without a doubt ahead of his time. His films brought movie violence to a whole new level of realism and helped to popularize the anti-hero in mainstream. Perhaps the defining moment of his career would be The Wild Bunch. The opening and closing shootouts of this production would redefine movie action scenes for generations to come and are worth the price of admission alone! Just don’t go in expecting very likeable central characters.

Assault on Precinct 13

5 action films you missed - assault-on-precinct-13
Assault On Precinct 13 (1973)

John Carpenter’s contemporary homage to the classic Western Rio Bravo helped define low budget filmmaking. The cheap but well-staged action and suspense scenes are a pleasure to watch and Carpenter’s eerie synth soundtrack feels just right.

Blue Thunder

5 action films you've missed - blue thunder 1983
Blue Thunder 1983

Chief Brody from Jaws in a super advanced police helicopter, what’s not to like? Very little thankfully! While it takes a while to get there, the last twenty minutes of this feature some of the greatest helicopter stunt flying seen in a film. Plus, pre CGI era explosions and the like were all done practical! I really don’t get why this movie isn’t more well known.

Under Siege

5 action films you missed Under-Siege-1992
Under-Siege (1992)

There were quite a few Die Hard rip offs throughout the 90s, Under Siege is probably the very best of them. Bad guys take over a U.S. Naval Battleship and one lone bad ass cook/Navy SEAL is the only one who can save the day. Steven Seagal is in top form (this is probably his best movie) and Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey make for awesome villains. A must watch!

Drive (1997)

5 action films you missed Drive-movie 1997
Drive (1997)

Not to be confused with the recent crime film of the same staring Ryan Gosling, 1997’s Drive is arguably the greatest Hong Kong style action film ever made in the U.S. Mark “The Iron Chief Chairman” Dacascos proves he had physical chops to be the next big action star but sadly could never find a hit. All fight scenes are expertly choreographed and Mark and co-star Kadeem Richardson have surprisingly good chemistry. It’s too bad this was direct to video.

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