Top 10 reasons why women wear crop tops

Tommy Hilfiger – American fashion & retail company sparked a Crop Top trend frency in the 1990’s by recruiting celebrity women like Aaliyah and girl band  Destiny Child to convey their style to us. Crop tops are arguably the most scandalous and controversial main stream trend in the fashion industry this summer. Contrary to what some women believe, crop tops can actually be very flattering to wear, no matter what body type you have. If you couldn’t tell already, they are definitely here to stay. So why do women wear these midriff baring clothing items? Today, we’re breaking it down into 10 reasons why women wear crop tops.

1. Makes us feel beautiful

From cleavage to showing a bit of leg, many women have always held the desire to appear a bit on the sexy side of things.  Donning a fun crop top is just another way to show off a bit of skin, as modestly or brazen as you prefer. Celebrities like Cara, Rihanna, and Anne Hathaway have even work such looks on the red carpet!

2. Self-expression

Whether you are rail thin or plus sized, anyone can pull of a crop top. As a form of expression, wearing a crop top means that you are not succumbing to what much of society deems appropriate clothing. You’re wearing this fabulous piece of clothing as a means to express your sense of style and fashion. Popular fashion blogger Gabi Fresh doesn’t let the fact that she’s plus-sized stop her from wearing what she wants

3. Gives us confidence

Even if you decide to style your crop top in a more conservative manner, there is something about this tiny top that exudes confidence. So grab your blazer or your high waisted skirt and rock this look in style. Just remember to keep it simple and structured for the ultimate chic ensemble. Bravo for your bravado!

4. Dress to impress

Some may wish to wear the crop top to impress someone, whether it is to a girl friend or boy crush. Dressing up in a crop top is a great way to look modern and stylish with your wardrobe. So get ready for date night by selecting your favorite crop top.

5. We enjoy the vast array of styles

Honestly, sometimes you wear something just because you like it! That’s the beauty of the abundance of clothing options available to us. If you love showing off your mid-section by wearing a cute crop top, then by all means continue! A flash of midriff may be difficult to pull off, but it’s not impossible.

6. Show off our hard work at the gym

Well, honestly you didn’t work hard all winter just to hide your athletic accomplishments behind bulky clothing all summer! Show off your abdominal muscles by jazzing up your look with a crop top. Your body looks sexy, and now your wardrobe does too.

7. Breaking apart the stereotypes

Typically considered a style for the younger crowds, don’t be afraid to rock this cute style no matter what your age. Since you don’t need to show off your entire stomach, this cute style is perfect for many different occasions. Style with a high waisted skirt and a blazer for a super cute style. Remember, wearing a crop top doesn’t always mean a bared belly button!

8. Occasion calls for it

Festivals and other outdoor events are the perfect occasion to showcase that new crop top you purchased. Since these types of occasions call for less clothing due to the hot weather, many women see it as reasonable to get comfy with their crop tops and shorts.

9. Comfort

There’s no denying that crop tops are most definitely on trend. From the runway to red carpet to street wear, many magazines and bloggers alike are coveting this throwback style. Even for those not in tune with the ever-changing fashion industry would notice this midriff baring trend. Try balancing out your outfit by choosing to wear a structured crop top with a pencil skirt to add a bit of sophisticated playfulness to your look.

10. Freedom

Who’s to tell you what you can or can’t wear? Sometimes, you like to wear something simply because you have the ability to. Then do it! Don’t let anyone else stop you. Just be you. As Rihanna, the queen of the crop top, says: “I don’t do things for the response or for the controversy. I just live my life.”

Well, ladies? Did we cover all the reasons why women wear crop tops? Leave a comment below with your own reason for wearing a crop top!

6 replies on “Top 10 reasons why women wear crop tops”

I wear crop tops for two reasons:

1) To grab the attention of that cute guy I’m always on the lookout for.

and 2) Crop tops are the most comfortable top any girl could wear around the house, as pajamas, on the streets, at the beach, to the park, and especially on date night! 😉

It’s interesting to know that crop tops can boost confidence since they can help you look chic even when you style them more conservatively. I’m starting to outgrow my loungewear so I was thinking of buying new ones this weekend. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find loungewear crop top and shorts sets when I visit clothing stores near our area.

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