Top 10 reasons why vegans get so moody

We admit it, sometimes vegans are moody. No, it’s not because we are lacking proper nutrients. And it’s not because we secretly are fighting desires to eat a steak. It’s not easy to be on the defense at every meal and every social gathering or the butt of various “But…plants have feelings too” jokes. We don’t want to be moody, we really don’t but honestly guys, you bring it upon yourself.

1.) Because people argue that they are at the top of the food chain and are only doing what comes natural. If you battled a lion to the death and then ripped into his jugular for a celebratory feast, maybe we would be more inclined to take your argument seriously.

2.) Because you will discuss the cruelty of the Asians for eating dog, while enjoying your veal cutlet lunch. So, eating babies is perfectly fine? Yeah, makes sense.

3.) Because people like to tell us that they agree eating animals is cruel but they “just couldn’t live without their meat.” Well, I am pretty sure the meat is the animal’s, not yours and I am also quite certain that your life will go on.

4.) Because non-vegans want to make us feel bad for “pushing our beliefs down their throats.” I’m sorry, but aren’t all of the T.V commercials and magazines pushing their meat and dairy ideas down your throat every day?

5.) Because people think that we eat like rabbits. I’ve never seen a rabbit eat an entire vegan pizza before but I sure would like to.

6.) Because people think we went vegan to be cool. Being vegan is cool? Really? This means I’m cool right?

7.) Because people always tell us that we aren’t getting enough protein. Do you really think I haven’t looked into this by now?

8.) Because everyone tells us how unhealthy a vegan diet is as they shove potato chips and hot dogs into their mouths.  Congratulations! I didn’t realize you had graduated medical school. You must be so proud.

9.) Because people always get giddy when they see a cow or pig on a roadside farm but then pull into a drive thru a few minutes later for a hamburger. Do you still find the cow as cute when he is between those sesame buns?

10.)  Because our friends swear they are animal lovers while eating chicken right off the bone. You know that chicken is an animal right?

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