Rainbow Six: Siege – Game Review 2017

Released on December 2015, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege game is a tactical destruction, first-person shooter; developed by the Ubisoft Montreal studios. If you’re the type of gamer who enjoys tactical, immersive game-play then read on.

Unlike the usual Call Of Duty games, Tom Clancy’s franchise of games are known to deliver a higher-level of tactical gaming experience. Siege is the type of game that makes you stop and think before Rambo’ing into in-game objectives. There are no re-spawns or “second chances” in this game and that’s what makes it so compelling to play and developers have confirmed year two of DLC’s starting off with ‘Operation health’.

Additional perk to owning this brilliantly addictive game is that the DLC’s i.e new game maps and operators are completely free which cultivates gamers and does not divide them.

Siege is highly supported fans. Developers are constantly listening to the games thieving community and fixing game-break bugs promptly. The developing team behind Rainbow Six Siege are incredibly passionate about the game and hence why Siege continues to grow.

The game plot is essentially ‘attackers Vs defenders’ competitive-shooter. Each operative originates from different parts of the world so if you’re the type of person who’s patriotic, there may just be an operative for you. Each attacking and defending operatives possess their own special abilities. You can unlock Siege operators (among other items) by using the in-game currency “Reknown”.

Rainbow Six Siege has a wide variety of maps each with their own unique destructible areas; where you can arbitrate walls, ceilings floors and more!

There are a few in-game objectives (missions) such as defend hostage, rescue hostage, disarm an explosive, eliminate hostiles, all of which are fun & challenging to play.

There are three main modes:

Multiplayer (PVP)

This mode is considered to be the ultimate mode for when you’ve mastered the two modes below. Here you’re going up against real players and testing your abilities against other players from around the world. The multiplayer has ‘casual’ and ‘ranked’ modes. The ranked mode is for “try-hards” and casual is for anyone who fancies a quick game up against random opponents.

Multiplayer Vs A.I

Five players go up against the computer to complete a particular objective. There’s three difficulty settings: normal, high and realistic. Our recommendations is once you master the game mechanics in normal mode, jump into ‘realistic’ as it delivers a much more satisfying game-play.


Essentially ‘Situations’ are single player tutorial campaigns which can be played off-line. They do a great job at introducing you to a number of in-game operators and their special abilities quickly.

Considering on the games initial release the game was priced £50 which did not fair well compared to the prices of some triple-A titles at the time but now it’s priced at a very £11.99 (US$14.99) and it’s value for money. Steam occasionally has free Siege weekend when the game is available free to play for two days. Also from time to time, the game does go on sale where everyone can enjoy the Siege experience for a few bucks.

We highly recommend it of you’re into games with high tactical game-play and give the game an overall rating of 9/10.

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