Belly, Inc our monthly statistics – July 2017

We first opened our doors in year 2013 and are still going strong in 2017. To us that’s a remarkable achievement and want to thank our visitors for making this happen.

Bellyinc continues to grow & develop by listening and learning from friends, our loyal community members and simply by our past experiences of running online services.

This place always considers trending topics that are mostly likely to yield community discussions and our members make them flourish.

Our website is a concoction of bro’jects dating back to a number of years. Belly, Inc team is a small group of enthusiastic lads who have their our own passions but fate us put us in a position where we’ve managed to build this place from scratch and now we want get even closer with our fan-base by sharing our monthly visitor statistics.

The following information is sourced from Google analytics.

In July 2017 we’ve had 49k (up 3.2% from previous month June) users read our content with well over 77K (up 2.6% from June) website sessions. On average, we’re learning people are spending approximately 3.5 minutes on a daily basis.

Referral traffic (How are visitors getting to us)

78.01%  Search engines

20.72%  Directly

00.84%  Referral from other sites

00.43%  Social networking sites


A whopping 43.2% of our traffic is from the United States Of America. Below are top 5 countries who visit us daily.

43.3%  United States

10.3%  United Kingdom

6.00%  India

5.40%  Canada

3.70%  Germany

Visitors preferred devices to browse our site

47.7%  Mobile

43.7%  Desktop

8.80%  Tablet

Demographics: Overview

Age range: 18-24 – 35.55%

Age range: 25-34 – 31.97%

Age range: 35-44 – 09.98%

Age range: 45-54 – 05.62%

Age range: 55-64 – 35.55%

Age range: 65+    – 02.18%


89.90% Male

10.10% Female

Affinity Category (reach) 33.24% of total sessions

3.91% News Junkies/Entertainment & Celebrity News Junkies
3.67% Shutterbugs
3.40% Movie Lovers
3.00% Music Lovers
3.00% Gamers
2.83% Comics & Animation Fans
2.65% Fast Food Cravers
2.31% Shoppers/Value Shoppers
2.22% Technophiles
2.11% TV Lovers

In-Market Segment 26.94% of total sessions

3.39% Dating Services
3.03% Travel/Hotels & Accommodations
2.58% Employment
2.16% Education/Post-Secondary Education
1.96% Apparel & Accessories/Women’s Apparel
1.81% Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones
1.71% Financial Services/Investment Services
1.53% Travel/Air Travel
1.35% Consumer Electronics/Game Consoles/Sony PlayStation
1.31% Employment/Career Consulting Services

Other category 32.74% of total sessions

6.21% Arts & Entertainment/Celebrities & Entertainment News
4.66% Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/Online Video
3.82% Online Communities/Photo & Video Sharing/Photo & Image Sharing
2.46% News/Sports News
1.69% Sports/Team Sports/Soccer
1.68% Games/Roleplaying Games
1.53% Arts & Entertainment/Comics & Animation/Anime & Manga
1.43% Arts & Entertainment/Comics & Animation/Comics
1.34% Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Pop Music
1.29% News/Weather

That wraps up July. As always leave your comments or feedback below. We’ ll catch you next month.

Much love,
Belly, Inc Team.

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