Top Tips For Safer Running

How many of us have been told that running is a really good exercise especially if you do it regularly? Whilst there’s no denying that fact, it’s important that health enthusiasts realise that not talking proper precautions can lead to long term injuries, even if you are a top class athlete.

This topic came about whilst I was having a conversation with a fitness instructor. I asked him what makes a really good work-work? To which he replied:

A good workout is the equilibrium between cardio and proper weight lifting which can be done on a daily basis minimising the risk long term injury.

If you picture a treadmill and break down what makes a treadmill safe to use on a regular basis, here’s what we can note:

  • The running surface is level. ¬†This is the key ingredient in minimising the risk of long term injury. The consumers feet will lay firmly flat on the surface, if the surface is uneven, it will place excessive pressure around the ankles and knees most likely causing long term injury.

Lesson here is avoid running on surfaces that aren’t properly maintained. These days you can easily find the safest running routes via smart phone applications or simply searching for them online.

  • Treadmills come equipped with technology that keeps track speed, time, distance, calories burned, pulse and incline. Some treadmills may include pre-set options which target time, distance, calories and BMI.

Whilst some of these built-in technologies can easily be replaced using a really good smart phone application, see your health practitioner for a check-up and seek professional advise from a fitness trainer.

Health is a top priority when it comes to fitness and well-being but it makes sense to spend some extra time on safely. Helpful advice and support of professionals who know the fitness industry can improve your health and get you closer to your fitness goals.

Let it be noted, that I am not trying to scare anyone into thinking running outside will result in an injury or that we all need to spend our next months wages on buying a good quality¬† treadmill. It’s about considering the long term health affects of exercising without putting safety at the forefront of any physical activity.

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