Advice to pick the BEST personal trainer (PT)

Picking a personal trainer (PT) as a person that never trained or went to the gym before, can be quite a challenging thing to do, and this mainly because today there are many bad personal trainers that can take a person with a healthy body to develop all kind of serious injuries that will can put an end to that person’s fitness journey.
Another problem with a part of today’s personal trainers is that they are looking to blindfold their clients when it comes to answering them to fitness related questions and this mainly because they want that their clients to relay on them all the time they step their foot into the gym.
So, because of these reasons we’ve made a top with advices that will help you avoid this type of personal trainers and to choose the most appropriate ones.
Advices that will help you to pick the BEST personal trainer (PT)

Ask them for their portfolio

One of the best things which can prove the capabilities of a personal trainer is their past results with other clients. So, a good idea here would be to ask him from the start to give you some pictures of before and after of some of his clients. This will definitely bring some light about its coaching capabilities and knowledges.

Analyze what type of person they are

You must make sure from the beginning that the personal trainer that you want to hire is compatible with your character. Hiring a personal trainer with which you are not very compatible will make your training session not very enjoyable, thing which can make you lose your interest towards going to the gym and workout.

Test them with some fitness related questions

This will give you the opportunity to see how they explain and communicate with clients, This will help you understand their personality.

Ask them to show you certifications that attest their capabilities

It is never a bad idea to ask a personal trainer for his certifications, because you may have the surprise to find out that he hasn’t many certifications to attests his capabilities, even though he will state that he knows everything about fitness. So, make sure that you ask for certifications.

Study or ask them about their coaching style

There are personal trainers that scream at their clients to make them work harder on a set and there are personal trainers that with only a few words they make their clients work harder not only on one set, yet on the entire workout. As a personal trainer it is very important also to be a very good motivational speaker, to keep the clients focused towards to their goals, mostly in those moments when their psyche is not at their best and they need some outside motivation.

Are they a good listener

Determining if they are a good listener from your first dialogue is very important, because listening to your requirements will assure you that he will also work towards the same goal as you.

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